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Full Version: HP-Prime firmware update on a Mac
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Anyone has tried to update the Prime firmware on a Mac using Parallels? I'm experiencing USB-hell trying to do it with either Windows XP or 7.

I'll spare you all the gory details, but when the update process starts, Windows seems to reset the USB connection (mumbles something about installing drivers), the connectivity kit reports "Update failed (104)", the calc says "Error! unknown command 10." and every now and then Parallels asks bout keeping some USB device named "Prime update #N" connected to the virtual machine, with increasing N.

When not trying to update the firmware the Connectivity Kit has had no trouble accessing the calc.

OK, first off what is happening is that the update is trying access your calculator as an added drive, just like a USB drive creates a new drive when it's connected. So, while it is installing the drivers, it is also trying to make the firmware update, which is why it fails. Just be patient and let it stop making noises, and just click on update firmware in the connectivity kit a second time w/o disconnecting anything. Also, do not have the Emulator running while you are doing all of this, as it will get very confused.

Second, you probably do not need to do the firmware update, since it is the same as what's on your calculator already. Go to Help -> Tree -> About HP Prime, and if you see Software version 2013 8 13 (5106), then you have the latest version and don't need to do an update.

Thanks, I'll try to follow your advice. My firmware is up to date as you say, but I wanted to check the procedure...

It's risky to do the firmware update if you don't need to do so. Although I was successful, other people have had problems and even bricked their calculators in the process. Sometimes the connectivity kit can clobber the USB port, which can only be recovered with a computer reboot, so I'm wary of using it unless absolutely necessary to re-flash the ROM in the calculator.

I've had the same trouble with my 39gII. The USB connection is changing modes during the process and Parallels does not automatically connect the "new" device to the virtual machine.

To "fix" this I had to do any firmware updates in a separate hardware Windows machine. I guess this holds for the Prime in an identical way. Just keep an old eeePC or similar with Windows XP running.

Actually I had to do the same. After the fail attempts with Parallels my Prime was left in a sorry state: doing anything in CAS would cause a reboot, and I could not even enter the diagnostics mode [F-C-O ON] to try to do a reformat.

As Michael has said firmware updating may be a risky business.

I got my calc back to normal after upgrading the firmware in a real PC. I thought I wouldn't needed one again, since I've had no trouble flashing the WP34S from the Mac, but seems I'll need it for the Prime...