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Full Version: [HP-Prime] - Missing confirmation before deletion
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On October, 29th, I posted a request for confirmation before deletion of a program by the combination of keys Shift+Clear (when editing the program). I received no answer so far and don't expect any more since.

Since I unfortunately reiterated this wrong combination of keys instead of Shift+Del (similar gesture), I went back to the User's Manual to check wether this behavior was normal or not.

The answer is: No, it is not.

Manual says that the user is asked to confirm (OK) or Cancel.

Problem is that I don't get this request for confirmation. The content is automatically deleted. I get a blank screen. Exiting the program and editing it once again will leave the basic "export begin end" structure.

Am I missing something?

Did some of you already face the same problem?

Kind regards.

I get a confirmation notice for canceling on both APPs and programs. It is present using the the menu "delete" option and using the "shift clear" button combination.


Edited: 12 Nov 2013, 7:23 p.m.

Hi Geoff,

I think he is in program editor and you are in program directory.



Can you please point me where in the manual you are referring to? Thanks.


There is a difference between the French and the English User Guide versions (both are Edition 1 - July 2013): in the french version it is clearly stated that when you press Shift+Clear while in program editing mode you get a prompt to confirm the deletion with OK or to Cancel. This is missing in the English version of the User's Guide.

Ok, thanks. Explains why I wasn't seeing it.


Edited: 13 Nov 2013, 10:56 a.m.


Thanks Didier for the clarification.

So, what is right? Should I understand that French Manual is obsolete and that the English one is reflecting what will be from now on the right behavior?

Was this confirmation planned to be part of the software at a time and cancelled since? If so, it's a pity, to my opinion.

Please Tim, bring it back if this is something you can do... As I said, Shift+Del and Shift+Clear are so close gestures that I fear I will mistake myself some more times. Or am I the only one?

Kind regards.

Honestly, I haven't heard of anyone (apart from the very first week or two of use) hitting buttons instead of the screen. It seems to go away quickly as you get use to the touchscreen. My guess is that was text left in from the 39gII document, that was later removed as they were checking and discovered it was no longer the case. I don't know if it was an intentional removal or just a side impact of creating a new system wide 2d text editor.

Since the same editor used in the command line is also used for notes/programs, adding in a clear confirmation would also impact the normal command line. Not saying it can't be done, but it is a bit more work to have it only appear in those places.

Another option might be that if the command line has > then a certain number of characters, a confirmation would *also* be helpful for that and it should be in by default for that case.

Anyway, it is in the list of things to look at. Thanks for the suggestion/report.


Beeing the only technical writer in our company, this is exactly why I refuse to allow producing editable documents from the CMS, allthough people ask for this. They *will* change them and never report any changes they made. You just know something like this will happen.

Better have consistently wrong editions and insert update sheets in all languages than allow the reign of chaos. I'll make a hardcopy of this thread as measure to further secure my position :-D.

No need for a confirmation if UNDO were available.

I second Marcus and the UNDO, although in my line of work you NEVER hit EXECUTE without careful consideration of the consequences. Having said that, I have had to re input an entire program into the prime because if quick-fingers/slow-brain syndrome.