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Full Version: HP Prime - another cosmetic bug
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LN(0)               Error:LN(0)
LOG(0) Error:LN(0)
^^ - not LOG?

Isn't it a certainty that log(x) is computed using a call to ln(x)?
If it was the other way around, then both error messages would presumably also be the same, but refer to "log(0)" instead.

Not sure if the Prime can handle arbitrary bases, but it seems unreasonable to expect a special error message for every possible base.

It's just that on all other HP calculators it does differentiate between LN and LOG. For example on the HP 50g the error is displayed as "LOG Error: Infinite Result" and on the HP 33s as "LOG(0)" Not the end of the world, but just another of many small oversights on the Prime.

That's interesting, thanks.

I wouldn't call it a bug though. If the error is really being thrown by the LN subroutine and being passed to the LOG routine, it would be technically correct.

I agree it may be nicer cosmetically for the error to reference the function initiated by the user, but a contarian view would be that it's less informative.