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Full Version: Library#4 Modules mass-update and New Overlays
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As a result of the LASTF implementation there is a mass-update available for several modules; some directly using the new feature and others impacted by the changes made to the Library#4.

The list goes as follows:

0. Library#4 - 1 new ROM image

1. PowerCL - 3 new ROM images

2. SandMath - 4 new ROM images

3. SandMatrix - 2 new ROM images

4. HP-41Z - 1 new ROM image

5. ToolBox - 1 new ROM image

I'd recommend you update them at your earliest convenience, not only the LASTF is there but numerous other enhancements went into it. The SandMatrix in particular now includes all the Vector Calculator functions, with its dedicated launcher and keyboard overlay.

Speaking of which, four more overlays are available:

1. AECROM program Generator

2. SandMath - the sequel, with numerous sub-functions

3. SandMatrix keyboard

4. Vector Calculator Keyboard.

an picture is worth 1,024 words:

Send me an email if interested, same prices and descriptions as with the 41Z/SandMath overlays.