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Full Version: HP Prime - more than a spreadsheet app so far
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I put the spreadsheet app to use this week at work for a simple task of tracking results (runs) of a test. Overall I was quite pleased with its power, portability and utility.

Some positives:

* Creating this new spreadsheet app using SAVE worked fine

* Format/Name for the Column headers works pretty well.

* Used formulas like = 123 + Row/100 to get an increasing list 123.01, 123.02 etc...

* Used formulas like = B3*C3*MyVar to bring in MyVar as well as the cell values B3, C3

* Also used a local named cell in formulas without issues. Like that these are outlined automatically.

* App Functions, like Sum() worked fine

* Really nice to be able to do unit conversions function "=convert()", have them show the units AND update automatically. This is pretty powerful in my view - especially if other functions will work.

* Good to be able to format the cells as needed. Used number, font, fill and align to make it easy to follow.

* Select and Shift copy/paste (1,5) worked well

* Although I setup and used this entirely with the calculator, it was nice to be able to SEND this to the emulator for backup, polishing and setting up as an ongoing template.

* Nice to be able to get the screenshot starting the conn kit and "get screen capture". I saved this to a folder then sent to my team as a jpeg via email.

Some negatives(may be operator error or real)

* After naming Columns, I had to keep counting over (A,B,C...) to refer to these columns in formulas. Wish I could refer to their new names.

* Formatting widths/heights a little tricky (-1 vs guessing 25,30...)

* Keying in alpha using the calculator is tedious, mainly due to the "invisible orange" print. Typed in a couple of letters then polished up in emulator.

* Maybe different or more subtle Fill colors might be useful.

* Taking field values on calculator --> conn kit screen shots --> email is still a little clunky.

I may spend more time in this app as home or CAS views :)


Edited: 9 Nov 2013, 7:02 a.m.