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Full Version: Another HP Prime CAS question
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When I enter COS(x)^2+SIN(x)^2 in CAS I get the result 1, which is correct since this result is true regardless of the value of x. However, if I enter COSH(x)^2-SINH(x)^2 in CAS I should also get 1 as a result, however, I simply get COSH(x)^2-SINH(x)^2 as a result instead. If I replace x with a numerical value instead, then I get the proper result of 1. Why ? And yes I am in radians mode and have Exact unchecked when I do this.

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Hello. Anybody home ?

Hello. Anybody home ?

This is probably explained somewhere in the xcas documentation (regarding whether there exist substitution/simplification routines for hyperbolic trig functions.

Actually, I reposted this question and it was answered here.