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Full Version: HP Prime - Variable problem
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1. Suppose i want store the number 25 in CAS in Variable "RE". After pressing 25 Sto RE the calculator says POLYFORM(25,'RE') , why??, whats wrong?

2. Suppose i want store the number 25 in CAS in Variable "re". After pressing 25 Sto re the calculator gives a error message, why??, whats wrong?

After working some time with variables in my opinion the variable-management in HP Prime is VERY confusing or rather disastrous.

Edited: 7 Nov 2013, 8:42 a.m.

1. "RE" is the name of the built-in function to extract the real part of a complex number, so you can't treat it as a variable. Try entering RE(3+4i) and the result will be 3.
2. "re" is syntactically incorrect as per 1. above since it should be capitalized. Try entering re(3+4i) and it will display on the input (left) side of the screen as RE(3+4i).

Basically names reserved for functions that are listed in the function catalog cannot be defined as user variables.

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... oh my god. and where can i find this function catalog?



Navigation trough the catalog is in spite of multi-touch tedious. Is it possible to navigate quickly by input a letter (as in HP50g) or get the catalog in print-form?

The alpha indicator is on... so type your characters.


If I understand aright all Home-built-in functions will converted in capital letters when i input them in small letters in CAS or HOME-View?

o.k. that works. But it would be amazing and user friendly if the alpha indicator is automatically on when i entered the catalog (as in HP50g).

When I type the characters, it simply takes me to the first letter, and then the next first letter. So, if I type RE, it first takes me to the beginning of the R functions (radical_axis) and then to the beginning of the E functions (e).

It does, at least in 5106 which is the first release version and should have come on your calculator.


Edited: 7 Nov 2013, 12:04 p.m.

Thats curious: I have 5106 ...

Typing the two letters in quick succession will move you to "RE".

Is that with the menu tab "Catalog" open showing the hundreds of entries (F5 using the 50g menu key position name)? It wont' be turned on for the others since they have numerical/alphanumerical hotkeys by default.