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Full Version: HP30b cable I can borrow?
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No response to original post so editing post into a broader request.

Anyone willing to loan their HP30b programming cable to an internet stranger?

Happy to pay postage, etc.

I'd also be willing to mail you my 4 calculators if you want to do the flashing.


Original Post Title: hp30b cable in seattle area?

Hi All,

I've 4 hp30b that I wish to reprogram as wp34s.

Is there someone in the Seattle area that can lend me a cable?


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I think you'll admit Germany being a bit outside of your area of interest.


Not even! Germany is fascinating! Kant, Hegel, Goethe and Thomas Mann! Awesome Rieslings and mead. Speck! I was also excited to read that in some places in Germany you can now purchase a beer that isn't an under-hopped lager:


But yes, it would be crazy for me to solicit a cable from Europa.

Really a shame if this project dries out because of cable availability. All those poor 30b that are pining for conversion!

Thanks for your kind words about my home country :-)

Really a shame if this project dries out because of cable availability. All those poor 30b that are pining for conversion!

Pssst - I'll tell you a secret: those cables may be used more than once ;-) And there are even (at least two) sites where you can order a WP 34S. Please see the manual.

Regarding good beers: I'm not an expert in this topic but I know there are really many breweries here and many kinds of beer - like in Czech Republic. So I'm convinced you could get good cool beers in almost every little town here at any time for centuries - it's different at other places on this planet. Others may confirm that with better personal expertise.


Edited to correct the time scale.

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Have you found a cable or someone to flash your calculators yet? If not I can send you my cable and you may keep it. I will flash my second 30B before sending it, for some reason I have not done that yet, Lord know what use a financial calculator is. My first one has been fitted with Harald's USB cards so I will not need it for that one and If I was really stuck I am pretty sure I could construct a reasonable facsimile of one of these cables.

Yes please!

How about we declare this cable belongs to the community: I'll mail it on for whoever needs it next, along with their email so the community can find them.

Paul: I've sent you an email with my mailing address.

Hi got your email. The community cable idea sounds like a good plan.