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Full Version: flood side-effects (not completely OT)
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One of the side effects of the flood that struck Colorado the week before HHC 2013 was that I had to move a lot of stuff out of my mother's basement. My stuff was high enough off the floor to avoid damage, and among that stuff was this picture from a photo shoot for the University of Colorado College of Engineering student magazine some thirty-plus years ago. One of the pictures from the set ran on the final page of an issue (the page usually reserved for a joke or other funny item) with the caption "I told the professor I didn't need to use the computer!"

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I wish I could say that all of the calculators in the picture were mine but alas no. And that's not an 01 on my wrist (alas again).

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Tripod seems to prevent using their images from "foreign" sites.

Try it now.

Wow! Nice calculator collection ... Texas Instruments, HP, Casio and is this a Sharp PC-1300 on the right of your right hand?

Close. It's a PC-1300S. That one is mine, and it was another of the things that turned up when going through the basement. And it still works. I hope to have some photos and a write-up on it soon.

Added some text and a couple of photos.

Great! I can't wait to see the pictures and detailed story of your Sharp PC-1300S...

Sharp, which is unfortunately in trouble these days, was a very innovative company who scored quite a number of "firsts" during the early days of the electronic calculators and BASIC pocket PCs: first hand help calculator (EL-8), first CMOS calculator (EL-801), first LCD calculator (EL-805), first BASIC pocket PC (PC-1211)...

I have a few old Sharps, I love their design and build quality (they all work fine 30 to 40 years later).

The PC-1300/S is on my whish list but it seems to be a rare and expensive beast :-(