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Full Version: Another Prime mystery - templates don't work anymore
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When I first got my Prime, I could push the palette key to see templates of math expressions, which I would tap to get a graphic of entries. Now, when I tap something, I just get the command itself. For example, if I tap the nth root I just get "NTHROOT", just as if I had keyed it in directly or <shift>x^y. Can anybody explain what has happened here ?

go to Home Settings

Check that Entry is to TextBook

Edited: 2 Nov 2013, 11:03 a.m.

Thanks, Patrice. I had it set to algebraic entry. Just another of the many caveats that are not explained in the User Guide.

Edit. I just discovered that it does work with RPN entry mode selected, even in the CAS screen. That is why it initially worked for me, since I started out using this calculator with RPN entry, until I discovered how disastrous this could be when using Apps like the spreadsheet, so I had changed to algebraic entry. This is very strange, indeed.

Edited: 2 Nov 2013, 11:51 a.m.