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Full Version: HP-41 Plastic Slide
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Over its production run, did HP change the plastic slide that holds the overlays? I have a CV (circa 1984) which does not have a spring return. The plastic slide is snug and clicks into place when you slide it up. I have not found any info about this online.

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I noticed the same thing. My original 41C (bought the week of release in 1979) and CV had slides that clicked up and stayed up. The repair/replacement CV and CX (88) both have springy slides. HP obviously changed the design, but I've never seen anything about it.


--- Les


I have noticed the same.

I have a early 1980 vintage tall key C that is springy like most of my other 41s. The only one out of my 7 that latches up is another C of uncertain vintage, as I believe the back was changed on it.


My 41C (sn:2030A02578) is springy.


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