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Full Version: File Format: hpprgm
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Has anyone written (or is it possible to write) an PC program to view .hpprgm files?

I do not always have the emulator around and would like to view the code.

Thank you,

I am able to view and edit them with emacs.

hpprgm format is very simple and I think no exploit is possible

it contain 3 things:

1) A list of EXPORTed functions names

2) A list of variables defined at program level, and variables dump

3) The program source code

The file is rebuild every time you go in program editor. The compiled code is not saved in the file, it is rebuild as needed. No tweak, no patch.

By the way,

Why doàn't you type your code in a text editor and use the Copy/Paste to copy to and back from emulator ?

Sometimes authors of programs post only the .hpprgm file instead of the source. Part of the reason these authors only post the .hpprgm files is to avoid possible issues with character conversion -- for example, the MoHPC forum does not support unicode characters. So if someone makes a program which uses the "STO" arrow via [Shift][EEX], and then pastes their source here on the forum, then the arrow is not properly converted. So when the only file available is the .hpprgm file, it would be more convenient to have a way of accessing the .hpprgm file quickly.

Ideally, the authors should save their source as a unicode text file, and then users can copy (from a text editor that supports unicode) into their calculator or conn. kit.

Once drag and drop gets implemented into the conn. kit, then all this will likely be a moot point.

Edited: 30 Oct 2013, 8:45 p.m.

Unicode saving is exactly how i do it at home into out of the text editor.

as Han says, the arrow does not transfer as a simple copy paste.


Hmmmmm....perhaps the issue is that the current version of my editor (PSPAD) is not reading unicode!