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Full Version: I just installed a firmware update for my Prime
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My Prime was connected to my computer and when I started the connectivity kit I received a message that a firmware update was available, so I installed it. When I went to the "About HP Prime" at the top of the Help tree I noticed that the only thing that had changed was the Native OS Version. It was originally shown as V0.025.5106, but now it is SDKV0.30. The Software version remains unchanged at 2013 8 13 (5106). It will be interesting to see what has been affected by this update.

Nothing basically. That was the same version (it was just downloading it to your computer since the FTP site went live a while back). However, apparently they "change" what the version number for the OS is reported at when we delivered it to the factory - hence your non-user updated one was reporting that number.


That APPSDISK.DAT file is an enormous 33 Mb, but the BESTAARM.ROM file is only 1 Mb.