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Full Version: HP Prime 'where' function
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Is there a 'where' function key ( | ) in HP Prime, so that i can do for example:


f(3) | k=4


IMHO, 4*3^2 = 36.


Thank you joker, but as i write this was only an EXAMPLE.

Choose the 3rd template in the top row after pressing the template button.

Edited: 29 Oct 2013, 6:49 a.m.

Is there also a solution without the template? (like in HP 50g RS TOOL)

As far as I know, no!

Without a Prime, I'd simply define that function being f(x, k) and calculate f(3, 4). What's wrong with that approach?


What a pity!

What a pity!

It's a pity that "|" requires TWO keystrokes (or, to be precise, one keystroke and one tap)? The only way to reduce that would be to put it on a primary key, losing whatever is on that key now.

Try the substitute command (on the CAS/Algebra menu):

subst(f(3), k=4)

An ideal place for the "|"-sign would be SHIFT 6.

An ideal place for the "|"-sign would be SHIFT 6.

That would require three strokes (shift, 6, |). Its current location only requires two (template, |).

Hey, I just noticed that both the 50g and Prime require exactly the same finger travel to press "|". On the 50g, the distance between the right-shift key and the TOOL key is 3 inches (7.5 cm), and on the Prime, the distance between the template key and the "|" on the screen is exactly the same. Same number of presses, and same finger travel. Hmmm.