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Full Version: Virtual printer for a virtual 41
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There are some nice virtual HP41 out there, alas I did not find a printer that goes with it. Recently I was asked for it and had no answer. (Well, I have a printer _simulation_ for my Nutem, but that runs only on VM/ESA or may be z/VM too and almost nobody who has access to an IBM host is interested in emulated HP41.)

One solution would be to migrate to Emu42 and use Christoph's virtual IR printer. But if you used an HP41 for years, it would be nice to continue on a virtual HP41.

Any advice?


Hi Mike,

actually there exists at least one implementation of a virtual HP-41 with a virtual printer: i41CX+ for Apple iDevices;-)



You have also go41cx & go41cxt for Android phones and tablets.

Hello Raymond!

Thank you for this hint - and in the PC world?

EMU41 includes virtual printer and virtual mass storage and some interfacing solutions to real HP41

Best regards - Christoph

EMU41 for DOS. This is JFG's benchmark for virtual 41s (at least for me). Alas some users prefere mouse clicks not hitting keys (not to break the keyboard). So give V41 a printer or give EMU41 a skinable frontend. Or I should migrate my NutEm from VM/ESA to PC the world (what did not and will not make much sense regarding V41 and EMU41 - and some others of cause).


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... and what about Nonpareil?