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Full Version: HP Prime: CAS Variables - -How to save?
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Is there any way to permanently save the CAS variables, created in CAS view?

They show up in the memory and variable catalogs, respectively, but unfortunately disappear after clearing the CAS history.

Just create them in Home view. They will be available in CAS and other views as User variables.

No, maybe I didn't make myself clear.

In Home view I cannot create anything like


but I can do that in CAS view.

Result (x)->(x^2-x-1).

Now, I can call the numerical solver, e.g.,


Result -.618...

Mem shows CAS Vars, g (Function)

The "Vars" key also shows g in CAS Vars ("All" and "Program").

However, g is gone, once I clear the CAS history. :((

(The reason I need to define g in CAS and not in Home is because a function defined in Home cannot be used with int, solve, nSolve, etc.).

I hope this is clearer now.