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Full Version: ENG button (like Casio calculators) on HP Prime
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Hello, i have always used Casio calculators now i bought the HP Prime & i have a simple question.

It is possible to change the number format (only the result) to engineering with one button?

I know it is possible to change the number format but it's tedious to change it entering to settings (i not always want the result in that way)


You can write a short program to do this, using the reserved settings variable HFormat.

Hello Michael, thanks for the answer.

I have done this:



LOCAL ans;





it works fine but i have two problems:

1.I want to assign it to a button, like to be at CAS mode, the touch button "simplif" to have a button "eng"... is that possible?

2. I don't want that it changes the mode which i'm working.

In order to do that i've tried to put a HFormat:=0; after the RETURN but that didn't work.

Thanks :)

Edited: 2 Nov 2013, 1:45 p.m.

Maybe this could be added to the time/date/battery popup. Just noticed you can change the angle setting there (degrees or radians) via touching. I switch formats often going from scientific to financial and back again. Somewhat more tedious than it probably should be.

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