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Full Version: HP-10C Series Family Photo
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I've eventually completed my HP-10C Series family. These are all US production, the HP-12C is the oldest from the first year of production:

HP-10C: 1983. HP-11C: 1988. HP-12C: 1981. HP-15C: 1985. HP-16C: 1983

They're all in excellent condition and functionally perfect. The 10C was the most difficult to find with a production run of only 18 months (Sept 1982 to March 1984). A couple of interesting facts:

The 10C, 12C & 16C have no FCC or any other regulatory markings on the back label. The vinyl covers of the 12C & 16C have the HP embossed logo on one side only.

Best regards, MAX

Very nice Voyager set! Congratulations!

My HP-16C needs a replacement bezel and the elusive HP-10C is still missing, but the others are ok, except that the Chinese one is not exactly a collection item :-)

HP-11C (SN 2540B*****)

HP-12C (SN CN048*****)

HP-15C (SN 2905B*****)

Best regards,


I've also got an early single cell Chinese HP-12C, CN408***** (2004). The keys are so lose that if I hold the calculator upside down, the keys hang out! That said, my 2010 Chinese ARM 12C is built close to US spec.

Congrats for the 10C. Not only the calculator is rare, a copy of its ROM too. I am still desperately seeking for it. Pls, take pity on me, one copy only.


Congratulations! Finally the full family!