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Full Version: What does the Send menu key in the Apps window do?
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I couldn't find any documentation on this in the HP Prime users guide.
It must send something to the PC, but I couldn't find any relevant
files in the Connectivity kit sub directories.

Edited: 23 Oct 2013, 5:13 a.m.

Just run the emulator (and not the Connectivity Kit), connect the prime and send an App. The App is supposed to appear on the emulator. The opposite is implemented too. I had some trouble with the initial connection between the two. Try either way!

If you have the micro-USB-A to B cable you can transfer between machines.

Wow ! And here I was going through all sort of contortions to copy programs and Apps from my Prime to the emulator or the other way around, and now a simple press of "Send" does it instantly. It also means that revisions on one device can be quickly synchronized to the other. Thanks, Marcus.

The biggest difference in terms of the way to think about communication on the Prime vs the 50g is that it is a *push* model. The receiver never needs to accept a communication, or specify "lets go into communication mode", or similar things. If the unit is connected to something, that something on the other end can send data to it.

Everywhere you can access a data file of any kind (note, program, app, etc), there is a simple button to send that item along to the device on the other end.

The connkit does have a special "pull" capability, but internally it really is just a "hey, send me all your data" command with a much larger response then normal. :-)