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Full Version: Stylus for Prime screen
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For the lucky ones who have the real Prime :

Is it possible to use stylus to touch the prime screen, like smartphone ?


Yes, I am using the same stylus that I do for my Nexus 7 and it works fine.

NO, it doesn't work, no styllus allowed.
it's written on the datasheet.
my prime accept only my finger

I tried a couple $5 styluses (stylii?) that I purchased for use with my iPad, and both were just "okay". They worked about 80%-90% of the time, but not consistently enough that I would cart one along with the calc.

Finger, as the manual says, seems to be the order of the day.



Any capacitive touch stylus will work (smartphone, ipad, etc). Quality of the styli can vary greatly though.


This kind os stylus (for touchpad) works :

I have a GRIFFIN stylus from an iPad that works pretty well on the HP Prime.