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Full Version: Prime emulator number keys
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I like to use the Prime emulator on my PC and I have found it to be an annoyance that all of the number pad keys work for the functions "+","/","*" but the "-" key acts as a "+/-" key and I have to go for the "-_" key to implement this function on the keyboard which is a physical stretch. I don't see any way to change this, and there may be one in a configuration file somewhere, but I don't see any configuration files in the directory.

The HP12C emulator that I bought from HP doesn't behave this way so I don't know why they would change the philosophy. Does anyone else find this annoying, are there any fixes, are there plans to change this in an update? Any info would be great and thanks.

EDIT: I put down "+=" key and I should have said "-_" key ... so I changed it.

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Hi Kris223,

You need to do a little change in the .skin file in the instalation directory, For example:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Prime Virtual Calculator

Check in the emulator, Skins menu what is the one that you are using (Small, Medium, Large, Compact) I use MEDIUM,

Then OPEN with Notepad the file Medium Prime.skin file

key=27,85,518,128,553,{109},{},{} #chs

to leave
key=27,85,518,128,553,{},{},{} #chs

Save the file, close and re-open the emulator.

That is all, Enjoy the Prime.

Works great and thanks!!

Now that I see what's going on, I changed it to the following:

key=27,53,459,102,493,{189},{},{} #chs

189 is the "-_" key

That way I can change sign on the keyboard.

Thanks for the help! Very happy now.