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Full Version: comparing numbers on the WP 34S
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I'm still learning my way around this fabulous device, but I've just stubbed my toe on something. I'm trying to compare the value in X with a value stored in a register. I see how to do it indirectly (using the right-arrow). I see how to do it with a register numbered 20 or higher. I see how to do it with a local register. But how do I do it with a global register numbered below 20? When I press 0 or 1 it assumes I want to compare X with 0 or 1 (and yes, I realize these constant comparisons are available).

Can I compare the contents of X with, say the contents of Register 05? Or do I have to do a RCL 05 and then compare X with Y?

Simply press [ENTER] before the register number:

 [f] [x=?]   x=_?
[ENTER] x=? _
[0][5] x=? 05

Thank you!

We overloaded the keyboard a little causing a few things like this. STO+ Z is another one that isn't immediately obvious. Locating the '0' and '1' for comparisons without dumping into the alpha keyboard took a couple of go arounds.

- Pauli

You find two pages explaining memory addressing in detail between p. 20 and p. 35 in the manual v3.0, 3.1, as well as 3.2 IIRC (I'm off home right now - a bit closer to Pauli but way north).


Edited: 18 Oct 2013, 9:40 p.m.

Okay, now I see it. On page 26 it says that ENTER leaves the alpha-t mode. Thanx.

There is another, no so obvious, shorthand to enter X as a register name: Precede it by a dot. Since X is on the same key this results in a double dot. ENTER dot does the same here but the double dot is quicker to type.

Yeah, some special wishes caused quite some consequences in the layout ...