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Full Version: HP Prime Graphic Demos?
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I've seen reference to graphics demos that are built in to the HP Prime. I haven't seen any way to access them, though. Are the demos still in the shipping version or were they removed before Prime started shipping? If they're still there, how do I access them?

Go to the plot screen in advanced grapher. Then click the "menu key" and select plot gallery. I suspect those are what you are thinking about.


Yes, That's the one. Thanks!

Oooh! Oooh! (kid with candy) :-D

I didn't know about this. Very cool! Thanks!

Those graphs are very cool. So very difficult to find them. And once I did find them, I forgot how I got there.

Shame the demos arent exposed as demos as a standard app.

The graphs are so good that its quite depressing as it tends to mean the calc is highly "see this!", and easy to not just experiment and learn from the experimentation.

Very impressive

Advanced Graphing???

Keystrokes/'touchs'? Can't seem to find these?

Advanced graphing
Split screen: Plot detail
Esc (To remove ! Warning)
Visit plot gallery

Gives you 21 plots to view.


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I used a slightly different sequence that is similar to Tim's description above with a couple additional details:

Press [Apps]
Touch the Advanced Graphing icon - or navigate to the icon and press [Enter]
The screen should now show Advanced Graphing Symbolic View in the Title bar
Press [Plot]
The screen should now show a No open sentences checked error message
Press [Esc]
The screen should now show an X Y grid
Press the [Menu] button (not the Menu softkey)
Touch Visit Plot Gallery or just press [Enter]
The screen should now show the first demo graphic (see 1 in the upper left corner)
Touch the left or right edges of the screen (or press the left or right sides of the click wheel) to navigate through the 28 plots

Geoff's instructions may be easier :-)

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Once a demo is on the screen you can touch the SAVE softkey. This creates a copy of the Advanced Graphing application with all the necessary input and settings for the demo. Some have really complicated formulae.

While browsing the plot gallery, you can also type 20 to jump directly to plot #20. Or any other number 1 through 28.

Ooh ooh, be sure to check 'em out again with your Prime set to the "Dark" Color Theme (page 2 of Home Settings). Some colors get interesting. For example Plot #11 usually looks like this:

... but in the "Dark" color theme, it looks like this:

As you can see, it's not just a color negative. I can't figure out when and how the colors are changed. Check out the change in plot #1 for a real puzzler.