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Full Version: OT--Discovery Channel bio on Evel Kneivel
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Hello all.

Tonight at 7:00 Pacific (and a repeat at 9:00 Pacific), Discovery Channel is airing 'Pure Evel: An American Legend.' Since my uncle JC was very instrumental in establishing and promoting Evel's career, the show will include my cousin Jay, JC's son telling how his dad, my uncle, JC helped build and promote Evel's career.

I hope you enjoy it.

Well, to bring things back on-topic, he features on the front cover of the latest edition of the statistical magazine Significance (Volume 10, Issue 4):


as a lead into an article about confidence.


Edited: 15 Oct 2013, 9:29 a.m.

Now that's amazing timing. And, it looks to be very interesting and fascinating reading. Thanks for introducting me this magazine!!!