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Full Version: Formatting the app view message with bullets (dots)
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When creating and then editing the app info editor I add bullets and indents using the format bullet command.

This creates a nice indented bullet list.

Once I leave the app I have created and then return, the bullets and all my formatting disappears.

How do I make the bullet dots and indents permanent?

They should be. You are doing nothing wrong...


Edited: 14 Oct 2013, 10:13 a.m.

Formatting is lost if you change apps and return. :-(

Okay, so shifting apps removes the formatting, to bad.

but I can work around by creating indents and using non disappearing characters like the asterisk or hyphen.

Thanks Tim and Marcus.

So here is how I get around the loss of the bullets when switching APPs

This is a suite of Aviation related programs dedicated to enhancing flight safety:

- invoke this program first to intitate degrees mode, clear memory.

*Input lat/lon:
- this is the data input for start and finish waypoint
co-ordinates for the Great Circle and Intermediate latitude
- prompts for start latitude and longitude and finish latitude
and longitude.

*Great Circle:
- calculates great circle distance in nautical miles and then
displays initial true tack.

*Intermediate Latitude:
- calculates the intermediate latitude given the start and
finish waypoint co-ordinates input in the Input lat/lon routine
above. Prompts for the intermediate longitude.

*Temperature correction:
- prompts for airport temperature, airport altitude, final
approach fix altitude, minimum descent altitude and missed
approach point altitude.
- calculates the corrected barometric altitudes for all three

*Fuel in tank
- prompts for before fuel total, after fuel total, tender uplift
and specific gravity.
- calculates actual difference of fuel, % difference of fuel
above or below and pass or fail if % difference is greater then

*QNH>31.00 inches:
- prompts for actual QNH, MDA and VIS.
- calculates the corrected MDA and VIS.

create indents with hyphens (+/-) and asterisk with the multiply sign and of course indents with spaces.


Any chance of getting the bullets to be permanent on an update. Not a major bug but having re-inserted them a number of times thinking I was at fault it would be nice to have them!


Edited: 14 Oct 2013, 6:33 p.m.