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Full Version: Compatibility of new HP PRIME Cable
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Is the new cable for the PRIME compatible with the HP50G?
I left my cables for all of my other HP calculators at work and only brought my PRIME and stuff home this weekend.

I think you'll find the 50G uses a mini-B usb and the prime uses a micro-B usb, so no

Found via google image




Edited: 12 Oct 2013, 5:38 p.m.

Confirmed. The two connectors are totally different and incompatible.

The cables can easily be found in any phone shop. Just ask for mini or micro USB cables.

You may have one of these courtesy of your digital camera - many of them come with such a cable for downloading images (at least the DSLRs do - the under-$100 point-and-shoots may not: there goes the profit!). I have both mini- and micro- via my Pentax and Canon cameras. Portable USB-powered external drives also use these cables.

I don't think a camera micro cable will work, since the plug and socket design is different. I have two of those camera USB micro cables and they don't fit the socket in my HP Prime.

I think you'll find the 50G uses a mini-B usb and the prime uses a micro-B usb, so no

Slight Correction to myself - having looked at it again, the prime socket is actually a micro-AB type.
So the Prime must be Usb on-the-go compatible - i.e. capable of being a host or peripheral depending on what it's doing/connected to

It is actually not OTG, but rather a full USB host. In practice however, it behaves similarly to OTG since it acts as device or host over the same port.


The camera cables you're referring to are not Micro USB cables. For a while some cameras used non-standard connectors, which technically weren't USB connectors at all, even though they used them for USB signals. Such cables should not display a USB logo.

Any Micro USB cable that has the actual USB logo on it should work. If a cable has the USB logo but doesn't have standard USB connectors (full size, mini, or micro), the manufacturer is violating the trademark rights.