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Full Version: HP 67 clear cases
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Just for entertainment and distraction from discussions about the HP Prime, i've uploaded a photo of two clear cased 67's next to a 65 HERE

Enjoy!! Keith

Thank-you Keith, don't forget, we all, the G.Quickfall's proposal here

(OT) For those who haven't yet, there's a lot more to see if you start clicking those right-arrows. Nice photos, Keith - and a lot of very different shooting situations (lighting, background, etc.) handled well!

What? No clear battery covers? :-)

Thanks Earl! Funny I started on Flickr to showcase my HP collection, but my photography is slowly taking over. The best shots are in this SET

If you want just the collection, then I usually send this LINK - this combines all the different sets, such as the HP COLLECTION or the POCKET COMPUTER SET

But if you need some photographic distraction, then the photostream can help you ...

What? No clear battery covers? :-)

Not much point, without clear batteries. ;)


--- Les


That was going to be my next comment. Perhaps clear batteries will let you see the remaining charge?