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Full Version: HP Prime complex results
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I've been playing with the HP Prime and so far I've found its arithmetic and trigonometric results to be identical to those of the classic 12-digit HP calculators (HP-71B, HP-48,28,50, 42S, etc).

But complex operations seem to differ.

For example, I've tried (-1, 1E-12)^0.5 in the HP50G, 42S and even 35S and get the result (5.06145483078E-13,1), but on the Prime I get 5.06619231322E-13+i

Note that when using a complex square root function instead of a generic y^x power, all the mentioned calculators yield the same accurate result for SQRT(-1+i*1E-12) = (5E13,1) (except for HP35S which doesn't have a complex square root).

I wonder if this difference is due to accident or is designed to be so.