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Yesterday evening I got a problem with my 48GX.
After the prompt of a low battery message I removed the rechargeable batteries to charge them.

1) I've noticed that the annunciator of the "low battery" alarm was still on the display (without any battery inside ) and I thought : "this is due to the backup battery" (isn't it?) this morning the display was clear

2) after the carge I replaced the batteries and turned on the calculator but the only result is tho see the "low battery" annuciator on

3) I replaced the rechargeable with three new fresh cells and the problem is the same.....

Where am I wrong?
Thank's in advance

PS. I've googled without to find this issue, if it is well known behaviour that I don't know, excuse me for that

Do you have a memory card installed? Usually the low-bat message indicates where the low battery is: (S) for system (main batteries), (P1) for the card in port 1, and (P2) for port 2.

No Han, anymemory card, but what I mean that the calculator does not turn on....just shows the alarm annunciator!

Edited: 6 Oct 2013, 9:49 a.m.

Can you measure the voltage (fresh batteries inserted, calculator turned on)? Maybe there's a shortage (capacitor comes to mind).

4,70 V Thomas

That obviously destroys my theory. Sorry, that was just a guess, I hope someone else has a solution for you.

Long shot but try this...


Just now back home, nothing, just the annunvciator is shown on the display
EDIT: just now solved it was just a resetting matter, found the link


thanks to Randy who explained where the hole is located

Ciao a tutti and thank-you very much

Edited: 7 Oct 2013, 3:06 a.m.