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Full Version: HP Prime and Virtuak Desktops
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I just got my HP Prime and am looking forward to learning how to use it. I showed it to a coworker who also owns vintage HP calculators and he likes it too. But he good-naturely started cursing me for now spending more money on another calculator.

I was reading Tim's thread on soft menus and I had a thought. Is it possible to have Linux's Virtual Desktops or OSX's Mission Control on the Prime? Then you could build custom configurations for programming, a different one for doing Matrices and whatever setup you would like.

Perhaps Prime can already do this and I'm ignorant but it was a thought. It funny, I'm so use to lower resolution screens, like the 48, that using the Prime feels like an emulation. I don't know if I'll ever stopped being amazed looking at the screen. It's beautiful!

Thanks to Tim and Cyrille and the rest of HP for a really great product.


It somewhat already is as you were hoping for, built into Apps. The idea is that one is always working in a particular App (akin to a desktop).