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Full Version: HP-71B Cursor Chirp
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Has anyone ever had a HP-71B that chirps in sync with the cursor blinking?

It is as if there is some EMI affecting the speaker.

Your machine is haunted. You need an HP-Exorcist!!!


Heh there, maybe something to do with this:

HP 48 Mylar hum

Especially the third paragraph down. Section 6.1. Or maybe you got the hearing aid version.


Edited: 29 Sept 2013, 12:52 p.m.

Never heard of that, but there's MARGELEX which lets you tell it what column you want it to chirp at, like the bell on the old typewriters. It was nice for my text editor.

My 48's make noise, my 71 doesn't. I didn't think about a lex file but that is an option. When you type "ver" do you see any lex files?