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Full Version: Prime Updates (don't get excited yet)
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First, these are not new files with additional fixes or features. Rather, they are the final shipping versions that were just placed on the HP ftp site.


Both the connkit and emulator have an automatic check for update (2 weeks I think). Also, a manual update check can be performed from both applications.

If you have installed either the emulator or connkit using the version that came on the CD, it may pop up a "there is an update available" message. The files that went out on the CD were from a few weeks earlier then the final "shipping" versions, so there may indeed be an update for you that can be installed.

For anyone that has the connkit installed, will get a notice about firmware files since those don't ship in the installer. However, it is the same version that came on your retail unit. If you really do want to reinstall it, right click on your unit and you can force a reinstall.

The updater is checking an hp ftp site that had the files placed there last night. If you are on a network where FTP is blocked, this will obviously have issues. If anyone feels they *should* be able to connect and it is not working, please send me a message and we can try to investigate the cause. This updater should be very robust and work worldwide, but networking being what it is I'm sure there are some minor issues somewhere due to some unforeseen thing.



Looks like I just bricked mine trying this

Edited: 26 Sept 2013, 4:26 p.m.

Well, this is good. I was wondering if the FTP connector was just broken or something. I'm glad my emulator's up to date now. I just can't wait until the next version!

Did some testing on a Windows XP machine. The download works, but if for some reason you are prompted to "install as" either your current login or as an Administrator -- and then you cancel the update -- the connectivity kit will no longer recognize the calculator. Perhaps a service gets turned off, and by canceling it was left as off? I don't know. To get around this, just go through the update process (even if you have the latest version) and all should be well and good again.

To be clear, I was only referring to updating the connectivity software.