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Full Version: Updated PPC DVD Version 2.10: HP-41 Searchable Program Files and Scannable Barcode
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The PPC DVD Archive disk has been officially updated to version 2.10, as presented at HHC2013 last weekend. As a result of two years of Jackie Woldering's great work, we now have 1,353 new files (totaling 5,844 pages) consisting of searchable text and scannable barcode (when printed) for every HP-41 program in the PPC Journal. This material covers Volumes 3 through 14 of the Journal and also includes program files for HP67/97 programs which were difficult to read, along with choice text tables in better format and other barcode items. If you are an HP-41 fan or user, this will help bolster or jump-start your software collection.

For information on obtaining a copy, check here.


This project required an amazing amount of work. Jake and Jackie, as one who still loves the 41 Wand, I can't thank you enough. I encourage (totally unsolicited) any 41-ites to obtain this DVD.

What Steve said! My hat is off to you guys for your painstaking work. 41 forever!