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Full Version: Prime Edit Integer
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Is there a way to bring up the "Edit Integer" display in RPN mode?

Not with the version you have unfortunately... :-(


OK, thanks for the info.

apologies here...back to the integral...how did you get int(1/surd(x-1,3)^2,x,0,2) to evaluate to 6? It returns the unevaluated integral in textbook, even if I'm in algebraic.


I got a powerball lotto program to work properly as my 1st program on the prime. It comes up with 5 non repeating integers in the proper range along with the bonus ball in it's entire proper range! Makes me want to buy a ticket. Learned how to use repeat until, some syntax, use of sort list, delta list, product list, declaring variables!

Nice work by you and the HP group!



I apologize on this one. I did not realize that there were some recent changes made that make this work. I was on a more recent revision.

>Nice work by you and the HP group!



Not with the version "you" have? Does this mean there's a new OS version on the way?

I'm talking about "Edit Integer" not "Integral". It's available when you select Shift-Base. It allows one to see different bases, the inverse, shift bits, etc. I think this has gotten crossed with a different thread? I'm sure an updated OS is in the works. When we will see it is the mystery.

No, it's this thread; I was responding to Tim's post. Sorry for the confusion!

No problem at all. Thanks.