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Full Version: Message to Eric Rechlin
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Hello Eric,

I hope you're well and I apologise for posting on this Forum.

If you read this message, could you please contact me to your best convenience re the 34s overlays ?

I tried using this Forum private mail feature and the link from your website with no success.

Many thanks and best regards


I don't have an answer for you yet. It will take me a lot of work to make the blue slant overlays again due to a change in my cutting equipment, so I don't yet know when I will be able to make them. That's why I don't advertise them on my site -- I don't want to sell them at this point.


Thank you for your answer.

If the blue slant overlays are too complex to produce, I'll happily change the order I have already passed in August into standard overlays.

Just let me know if this is fine with you.


I would be interested in the blue slant overlay, though I do like the standard one as well.