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Full Version: Prime RPN storing variables
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Does anyone know how I store a number or a matrix into a variable in RPN mode via the stack? The other entry modes have a STO key in the screen menu, but RPN does not and I can't get the STO physical key to work either.

[[1,2,3],[4,5,6]] 'M1' STO , just like on the 48 series.

Am I missing something here?

1. Enter the object to be stored.

2. Enter the variable with single quotes.

3. Press STO->


' ' // Blue-shift ( )
Mark Hardman

Thanks! I couldn't locate the ' button and went focusing on the STO as I thought it would work like the other mode. It has two of them and a little square between and kinda scared me I guess :) I'll get this thing down well enough before the next test I hope.