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Full Version: Cleaning old slide rules
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I got a Dietzgen slide rule still in a very good shape, only there's a presence of a green patina on the surface of the cursor, I think due to the contact between the metal and the leather of the case.
Which kind of metal is the frame cursor made and how may I clean without damage it?
How may I remove dirt and maybe a few little scrapes from the glass surface (his is not plexiglass isn't it?)
Thank-you in advance for your hel and advices.

I've done just now, using a piece of cotton and a NUNCAS'soft polish for metals the one my wife uses for cleaning at home, the window of the cursor (it's really glass) with water and soap and ...there's no a scratch (!)

It looks like just came out from the factory, 63 years ago, it needs only a magnifier like the ones showed by Kimberly, to help in reading.

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Have a lookmat the slide rule museum. I think Mike has an article there about cleaning söide rules of various materials http://sliderulemuseum.com/

Kimberly, Ingo thanks a lot for your links: I can look at them like a child looks at each new discovery in the world....and really there's an entire world around the slide rules.

Thak-you again.

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