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Full Version: Flashing cable for HP 20 / 30B
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i have a HP 30B calculator and i´m ready to flash it into wp34s, but unfortunately i have no programming cable. Is it possible to get it from some boardmember?

I´m from germany. I´ve done a lot of research, but i did not found that serial programming cable. Is there anyone from whom i can buy, beg or borrow ;-) that cable? or is it possible for you to send me one?


p.s.: yeah, ive already mailed gene, but he told me to ask the board

I may have one left but I have to check. Don't hold your breath!

Where in Germany are you located? If you are close, you can borrow mine. Or you can go with the DIY option:
DIY cable

Alternatively you can install the USB / IR printing board:
http://sourceforge.net/p/wp34s/code/HEAD/tree/doc/WP_34S_USB_installation.pdf Unfortunately the li ion version isn't available anymore.


I ran out of mine...