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Full Version: Does Prime Have a Multiple Equation Solver?
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I use my 50g a lot with MSOLVR and am wondering if the Prime has a similar functionality?


Yes. The Solve app is updated so it can solve multiple amount of equations.

Example in Symb View of the Solve app:

E1: 2*A + 3*B = 1

E2: B^2 = 4*A + 3

With E1 and E2 checked, go to Num View and select A and B to be solved for. One solution is:

A = -.612486080161

B = .741657386774

I only have the emulator so I don't know if this is still true on the real deal but this doesn't quite work for how I use MSOLVR.

With the solve app it seems if you have 3 equations you only get 3 variables. With MSOLVR, I get to enter some variables and then ask to solve for another that I didn't enter. If there is enough information in the other equations, then it gives me a result and if not it lets me know.

Simple Example for what I call trapazoidal motion of a particle. My definition of this is a particle had constant acceleration for 1/3 of the time of the move, a constant velocity for 1/3 of the time of the move and constant deceleration (same as acceleration) for the last 1/3 time of the move. In industry, this is many times a nice approximation of the best balance between energy consumption and speed.. Many times we are using a motor an screw to produce this motion so I have an equation related to that as well.

So I have the following variables:
v: Constant Velocity
t: total move time
a: constant acceleration
s: move distance
N: screw RPM
p: screw pitch

And the following 3 equations:

When I start the solver i get function key menus for all the variables. I know in my head which ones I need to solve for the other ones. So I know I can put in time and distance and get out velocity and acceleration. I can put in velocity and time and get out distance. etc.

I only have 3 equations but 6 variables. But because of the way the equations are linked, the MSOLVR keeps searching to see if it has enough information to solve for my requested variable. I don't see that functionality in the Prime emulator.