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Full Version: Flash Flood Warning: 9/16/2013 (One Week from HHC13)
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There is a flash flood warning for North-East Colorado today.


From what I understand, the interstate roadway between the Denver airport and the hotel in Fort Collins has been unaffected. No problems.

That's good to see that are no problems. Also, according to the Weather Channel, the weather is supposed to clear up by the end of the week.

I hink the national weather web site mentioned that it should stop raining as of today!!! I will double check that.

Here is a link to Boulder Office of Emergency Management. Check out the long list of affected roads/areas in Boulder county.


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You may find the Google 2013 Colorado Floods Map responds a bit faster.


--- Les


The weather was splendid today, the first extended period of time in a week! I-25 was closed during the worse of the flooding, but things should be clearing up, and it looks like I-25 is open again from Denver to Ft. Collins. Note that most of the flood warnings at this time are moving further out on the plains to the east as the flood waters of 4 rivers drain into the South Platte river. This link is a good source of information about Colorado road conditions: Colorado DOT Road Conditions

The Weather Channel is predicting isolate thunderstorms for Fort Collins tomorrow.


The Weather Channel is predicting isolate thunderstorms for Fort Collins tomorrow.

Which is normal weather for this area at this time of the year. Usually, when this forcast is made, 20% to 30% of the reporting weather stations in the area might see some rain. The local weather persons do not appear worried that any rain the Front Range may get tomorrow will worsen the current situation. The National Weather Service point forecast for Fort Collins is only calling for a 10% chance of showers. The leading edge of the flood waters are currently approaching Julesburg, CO and then Nebraska shortly after that. I don't know if travel on I-80 will be impacted, but it parallels the (now joined North and South) Platte river for quite a ways through Nebraska.

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