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Full Version: So, latest 41CL / Library 4 config is...
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Library 4 in port 4 of course.

then what?

Angel, time for a good summary for people who happen upon this later. :-)

Well I´m out of pocket until October, so in the mean time the documentation at TOS should do the trick. There´s a Library'4 writeup there, plus the PowerCL and SandMath manuals include instructions to configure them.


ed: tried adding the link here but no cigar...

Edited: 16 Sept 2013, 5:29 a.m.

I only see the 2H.


I think that -2H was the last non-banked version. CLUTLSBx is the bank-switched version. In the CL it is placed at 0x114000, which is outside the range of memory available on V2 boards. So if you want to load it on a V2 board you'll need to find four adjacent pages and update the IMDB entry. Or, (and this is the simpler way) you can flash it starting at address 0x0E4000 and use the XXXF mnemonic to plug it in.


got hold of a WiFi spot..

Monte was kind enough to host the PowerCL Manual: