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Full Version: 50g piecewise functions
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Is it possible to plot a piecewise function. I imagine that you would enter a separate Y= function for each segment, but how do you limit the domain of each function?

Also, how do you clear previous defined Y= functions? Every time I add a new one it increments the counter on it (so the latest one is displayed as Y11(x)=...). All previous functions are displayed in the CHOOS box. I want to clear them all. The CLEAR soft key only clears the functions listed in the PLOT-FUNCTION window, but not the CHOOS box.

For piecewise functions use IFTE (check best of on wiki4hp )

For the functions in the graph menu, i just found (during my mining task on discussion boards) a really similar question. I'll add it on the page previously linked :)


Edited: 15 Sept 2013, 9:13 a.m.

Thanks Pier. I could not get the IFTE to work correctly with the Y= definition and plotting. The 50g thought for a while then gave an out-of-memory error. I read of others having similar issues.

Instead I found this post which suggested to multiply each segment by a logical domain relational expression:


For example,

That worked for me on my 50g with version 50-c revision 2.15 ROM.

Thanks Pier. Boy, could they have made this any more difficult?

Good :)