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Full Version: HP-97 Card Reader
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Thought I try to order some different sizes o-rings for reader repair and one size fits perfect :-)

So I have some 98 o-rings left (o;

Inner diameter: 2.57mm
Ring diameter: 1.78mm
Outer diameter: 6.13mm

Wonder if those other o-rings would fit for fixing the printer paper feed...

nice evenin' (o;

Hi Richard

Sorry, No idea about the suitability of the o rings for the printer...

Would the ones you have left fit into the HP41 card reader?

I don't have a HP-41 (yet) and no card reader for it, so can't say exactly...

From someone listing his o-rongs on Ebay it might fit though:


Hi Richard

Would it maybe be possible to buy some of your spare O rings? I recently did a handicraft style of repair on an HP41 card reader, but unfortunately with doubtful success...

If so, please contact me under my email address. Thanks in advance!