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Full Version: HPCC Mini Conference 2013
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I am in the UK at the moment, but have tickets for the Goodwood Revival which I don't want to waste.

Is there going to be another one next year?

Yes, there's a mini-conference every year and a bigger one every five years. This one's only a mini.

It usually falls in early September.

Enjoy Hugh,

Can't make it but will be there next month hopefully. Maybe I can give my talk from HHC then.

Anyhoooo say hi to everyone.

Cheers, Geoff

What worries me is that I, or something I own, appears in half of those pictures (which of course are from past conferences, Hugh
doesn't have a time machine yet).

I will attempt to identify the pictures :

1) General view from the balcony of the PCR at Imperial College over Prince Consort Road

2) My HP9100B and 9125 plotter

3) My homebrew EPROM module for the HP9810/HP9820

4) Wlodek talking about an HP41 (I think)

5) Hugh talking about ??

6) Wlodek describing the HP15C LE

7) Me talking about the HP9866 printer hardware.

8) Danish (Dr Ali) telling us how to build a calculator on a microcontroller board

9) Me descibing part of an HP paper tape reader

10) My HP paper tape reader

11) Hugh describing calculator displays

12) The display board from my HP9820 or HP9830 (Can't see which).

Yes, thanks for describing the pictures. These are mostly from last year and the year before. I just cut 'n' pasted a variety of presentation action shots.

You're right that your kit features a lot. I think this because you tend to supply all the "big iron", which makes for good photos.

and it shows what everyone is missing!

5) Hugh talking about ??

Hugh's talk was on calculator display technologies - that slide showed pixel densities over time by manufacturer.

And very interesting it was too!