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Full Version: "Best of" from HP community's discussion places
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"Best of" list on wiki4hp

It is a very huge task (since hp users have talked each others for years), anyone willing to help? (Else, nevermind, i'll die on it! :-P )

Great! You can add a whole section related to the wonderful Challenges and Mini-Challenges from Valentin Albillo, see the list here.

Thanks for the link! Added :)

Speaking of mini-challenges, you can find many other delightful ones in comp.sys.hp48 by searching for "MC" in the subject. They seem to have run from roughly 1997 through 2010. I don't remember who first suggested tagging all mini-challenges with "MC:" in the subject, but the idea was widely accepted. Much elegant code resulted from these mini-challenges.

Nice! Thanks :)