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Full Version: Any 30b cables left?
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Are the cables still available, or has Gene run out of them for good? If they are all gone, would somebody with an extra or unneeded cable be willing to sell theirs?

Where are you located?

Connecticut, USA

Sorry, you'll better ask someone over there (from my point of view). Are you sure Gene is sold out?

For Europeans, I have three or four cables left.

The cable, or any soldering you can do internally, is only useful if you are going to be doing some of your own development, rather than a one-off programming of one machine (there are lots of people, myself included, who will gladly program your machine for you).

In the USA, sparkfun.com has 3.3V logic level FTDI USB-to-serial cables (Vcc is 5V, though, so you can't use it for powering the calculator). They also stock pogo pins (that's what the spring-loaded contacts are called). The contacts on the programming cable are at 2mm pitch, so you'll have to get either a perfboard (or, better yet, a 2mm pitch IC socket), or make a little jig yourself to align the pins, and then solder the cables from the FTDI cable, along with your own reset and erase switch.

Programming is very quick, so you can actually hold the cable in place by hand, you don't really need the side clips. You just have to be careful to plug it in the right way!

Mill-Max makes a large selection of pogo pins and connectors, unfortunately, the preassembled ones are only on .1'' (2.54mm) centers, so they can't be used as-is.

John, sorry I didn't respond to your email yet. Thanks for the offer to flash, but I figure it'd be less trouble if I do it myself. Also, I don't want to be caught dead in the water if I need to reflash, as unlikely as it is.

Hello Marcus,

I'm a calculator and math enthusiast that are looking for a cable to convert my HP30b into a WP34s. Could you please tell me how can I get one? I'm located in Spain.

Thanks in advance and best regards

Mail me via the forum, there is just one cable left.