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Full Version: [HP-Prime xCAS] BUG: string command =(
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Hello, another BUG

CompSystems HP-Prime real tester =)

Hi Compsys

what is this 'poly1'command ? I don't see this one in the catalog nor in documentation.

All is fine with emulator without poly1


idem with EXPR ...
Edit :



is also OK

Edit Rev 5106

Edited: 9 Sept 2013, 3:27 p.m.

Hi Gilles Carpentier, how did you make this "screen capture"?
Have you used a "HP Prime" emulator or a real calculator?

I was trying to get the same results using HP Prime Emulator - Version 2013 8 13 Rev 5106, but I couldn't. I obtained the same bad results from the previous one.

I used the emulator with the same version and the "screen copy" option ...

I tried with another PC and got the same (good) results ...

Perhaps this have to do with some setting ?

I don't use at all poly1 wich is not documented.

Please Gilles try a symbolic matrix [[ a, EE ],[ II, o ]]

The poly1 prefix before container [] is used to differentiate a list of a list of coefficients analogously to sets set[]

CAS author believe this feature to avoid the ambiguity between different data types, note that add polynomials of different dimensions zero adjustment is made to the left, while the right for lists

sym2poly(3*x^3+4*x^2+5*x+6) [ENTER] return poly[ 3, 4, 5, 6 ] that is different from [ 3, 4, 5, 6 ]

now string(Ans) "3,4,5,6" ??

About STRING({1,2,3}),

Are not 'STRING' and 'string' the same thing in the HP Prime Emulator?
(Version 2013 8 13. Rev:5106)

take a look to this capture:

Moreover, I see the emulator is not "case sensitve" combined with the pc keyboard. Also I can see some problems using 'caps lock' key and the emulator.

Even if you make a change to UPPERCASE PRESENTS BUGs