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Full Version: Bittersweet introduction to WP34S
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For the short time that I've had it, I'm enjoying the WP34S a great deal. Unfortunately, today while attempting to clean out some dust from between the front plastic and the LCD screen, I neglected to properly align the LCD in the plastic face, causing the LCD to crack. Would it be possible to transplant a screen from a working 30b and fix this amazing little device, or is this unit junked?

Just buy a new 30b!!!


It would be possible to replace the screen but you'll need very good soldering skills. The plastic conductive strip that connects the LCD to the main board melts very easily. I can't solder this successfully, but one of the guys I used to work with could do an okay job of it.

Better to just replace it.


Completely replacing it is easier said than done. I don't have a flash cable or any overlays. Is there a kind stranger to whom I could ship a stock 30b and have them flash and put on the overlays in exchange for the price of shipping, the overlay and pasting it, the crystal and caps and soldering them, plus a tip?

Thanks! I think I'll try to contact Eric and ask if providing my own stock 30b would discount the $75 some.

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There seems to be some sort of backlog at hpcalc.org. I'm still waiting for the WP-34S that I ordered in May.

I asked Eric that very question, and he replied that he did not flash customer calculators. His reasoning was reasonable.

if you send me a new hp30b and include a prepaid return label with either ups or FedEx I'll be happy to flash the latest image for you. There is a FedEx and a ups store right in my building so this is no trouble at all.

email me for details

Indeed, he would rather spare himself the hassle. One of the things he said in his reply worry me, though:

"However, HP's quality control seems to have gone down as well -- approximately 20% of the calculators I attempt to convert end up being unsuitable for the conversion, generally due to keyboard flaws, and HP no longer warrants the calculator."

I was planning on making my own, but I wonder if a guarantee of success isn't worth the full $75...

Mike, contact Eric and check the status of your order. I ordered two WP34Ses from Eric and they were shipped in early August. FedEx mis-delivered the package and lost it. When I found out, I ordered two more WP34Ses as replacements. Last week, I received four WP34Ses and FedEx reimbursed Eric.
Now I have 4 calculators. I was thinking of donating two of them to HHC 2013 for the raffle.