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Full Version: Problem loading library into emulator
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Hi all,

I'm trying to use the assembler toolchain to ease my development somewhat, but I'm stuck at the point where I try to load the compiled library file into the emulator

(I use the provided wp34sgui.exe emulator under Wine)

The emulator appears unable to read any wp34s-lib.dat files, including the one that lives in the 'emulator' directory and which comes with the distribution. Whatever I enter manually ends up in a 'wp34s.dat' file and is read back correctly on the next restart.

I tried the workaround described by Les Wright in message #5, but the result was that the resulting wp34s.dat file could not be read either (another "Erased" message).

Any suggestions? (I am using rev. 3375)


I know that the current version of the QT emulator is 3451.
I am not sure if updating your emulator will fix the problem, but updating does seem like prudent first step.

wp34sgui.exe assumes the state file and the library file in its current directory, settable in the link (*.lnk) to the program. If you start the executable directly from explorer (without using a link), this will be the bin directory. Reinstall the library from the distribution and check CAT to make sure this works.

To find out about the proper command line syntax for the library tool, have a look at the makelib.cmd file in the source directory.