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Full Version: [HP_Prime] definition of functions, APPLY command and BUGs
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I think that must be, a best codify the definition of functions

f(x,y):= 4*y^4-5*x²*y²+x^4 => f:=(x,y)->4*y^4-5*x²*y²+x^4


f(x,y):= 4*y^4-5*x²*y²+x^4 => f(x,y) -> 4*y^4-5*x²*y²+x^4

f(x,y):= 4*y^4-5*x²*y²+x^4 => f(x,y) -> 4*y^4-5*x²*y²+x^4

apply( ans, {1}) =>

apply( f(x,y) -> 4*y^4-5*x²*y²+x^4, {1}) => [4*y^4-5*y²+1]

associate list of lists in parallel to each variable of the function

apply( f(x,y)->4*y^4-5*x²*y²+x^4,{{1,3},{2,4}}) => { [45] [385] }


* requires a new command ENTRY, purpose: to call a History entry quickly without having to go to the x line

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image updated

new BUGs

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